The Kuopio Natural History Museum oversees the activities of the natural science museum and serves as the natural history museum of Kuopio University. The Museum's mission is to make the history and presence of Finnish nature known to the public; to represent nature's laws and the importance of a balanced interaction between humans and nature; to preserve specimens from the communities of living organisms; to verify information about the status and the changes in the environment for research, education, and the work of specialists.

The Museum carries out its mission by saving, augmenting, conserving, preserving, and making known the collections according to accepted general museum practices. Furthermore, the Museum sponsors activities in connection with natural science research, exhibitions, publications, and education. The Museum advances the conservation of biodiversity; organises exhibitions; operates natural history museum activities in the province of northern Savo; supports the writing of opinions and statements about its own sector; and cooperates with other museums, scientific institutions, organisations, and specialists.


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