Public Exhibitions in the Kuopio Museum

The exhibitions in the Kuopio Museum display the nature of eastern Finland. They offer an opportunity to experience the area's environment and natural phenomena in an ecological setting.

The Kuopio Cultural History Museum also holds its exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, in the Kuopio Museum. The building, which is over 100 years old, houses a museum shop with a wide range of products.

Kuopion museo, museorakennus, Kauppakatu 23

The Exhibition Area

The exhibition area consists of seven halls. Themes of winter and summer are explored in the two largest. One of the smaller rooms contains growling bears. Another has a fairytale mushroom forest for children. In a third a cave has been constructed showing the Neanderthals, possibly the first inhabitants of Finland. The fourth room is reserved for temporary exhibitions.

The tower room holds the Museum's favourite exhibition: visitors are transported back to a time, over 22,000 years ago, when mammoths roamed the area. The experience in this room is somewhat like being in an old church: there is a feeling of timelessness, and visitors can meditate in the silence.

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