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Juho Pekkarinen's Hieracium Collection

Juho Pekkarinen (1850–1932) became a plant enthusiast only late in life, yet he contributed significantly to the Museum's plant collection, especially in connection with the genus Hieracium. After collecting all kinds of plants in the Kuopio area, Pekkarinen gradually concentrated on the genus Hieracium to the exclusion of all others. In 1904, Professor J.P. Norlin was the expert on Hieracium, and at his suggestion the Kuopio Naturalists' Society began collecting Hieracium specimens in Central Finland for a new "Hieracium centre". During those early years various enthusiasts, including O.A.F. Lönnbohm and A.J. Mela collected materials, but soon their interest diminished. It was Juho Pekkarinen who continued this work alone. Until the year 1920 Pekkarinen collected Hieracium in several provinces, including Russian Karelia. Under the guidance of Professor Norlin he became an Hieracium authority and even classified new Hieracium varieties.

Pekkarinen always worked carefully and scrupulously, and he built a collection of scientific value. In 1927 he published a catalogue of his Hieracium collection in which he explained the distribution of Hieracium. His publication was the beginning of a series of scientific publications by the Kuopio Naturalists' Society. Juho Pekkarinen donated his remarkable Hieracium collection to the Museum, including 270 species or subspecies and 3,730 specimens.

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